Montserrat Gascon‘s Novel.
Movie adaptation project in development.

The Secret of the Heart is the story of an initiatic journey through the paths of human experience, from the depths of fear to the lightness of happiness. A fascinating story of transformation and comprehension that hasn’t left any of the Montserrat Gascón’s novel’s readers indifferent, and that has turned our team into a family of the heart, with a common project in mind: to REMEMBER who we are.

Thanks to the support of distinguished Spanish actors and to a magic technical team, we’ve been able to push our preproduction work to produce a teaser for the project. Since then, we keep working it out until we meet the partners the project need to get financed and can see the light in the best possible way.




Dr. Clara Pagés is a bitter, rigid and controlling OBGYN and a strict mother of Alex, a little boy passionate of movies and whom dreams of being an adventurer.

When his father, Joan, a lawyer and frustrated archaeologist, decides to take his family on a trip to Mexico, none of them knows what a spin their lives are gonna take…


Together we will make this project come to LIFE, which alongside of Panchita, Clara and Joan, will let us discover the incredible secret that protects and wraps the heart.

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And again, many thanks to the whole teaser team for all these moments of magic and also our dear photographers Sebastien Maccari and Lucas Sempere for taking such beautiful images from such good memories…