Click here to PARTICIPATE to this project so special, trought our brand new crowdfunding page.. We obviously stay at your disposal for more information or to find the best way to collaborate depending on your profile: coproducer, artist, technician, musician,…


Even if this kind of help can seem insignificant to you due to the extremely high costs to face for such project , your support is ESSENTIAL for us as each one give us more credibility to prove the public interest (yours). This would help us a lot to succeed in finding a quality producer, ready to respect the approach of Montserrat Gascón’s novel, so we can all REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WAKE-UP THE SPIRIT SLEEPING IN US, in joy and simplicity.

Aware of the great responsibility we’re assuming with crowdfunding, we preferred focusing on the production of this project before than loosing ourselves in a great variety of rewards or marketing compensations…


Click here to choose your participation amount and validate one of the four possibilities :

  1. Minimum amount of 5€ :
    with all OUR GRATITUDE ;
  2. Minimum amount of 100 € :
    in reward, get a copy of Montserrat Gascón’s NOVEL THE SECRET OF THE HEART
    (limited number of spanish and french “deluxe” edition) ;
  3. Minimum amount of 1 000 € :
    besides the copy of the novel, we’ll prepare a SPECIAL SURPRISE to you ;
  4. Minimum amount of 5 000 € :
    besides all the rest, that deserves a SPECIAL THANKS IN THE ENDING CREDITS OF THE FUTUR MOVIE

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