Spanish Director and Cinematographer.
Eternia Audiovisuales‘s Founder, a production company about documentaries and ads.

Graduated from the filmschool of C.E. Ciudad de La Luz, in Spain, where he also worked as a teacher between 2012 and 2014, he actually prepares his first full-lenght documentary in South-America, INDIvision, wich shooting is planned for may 2016 in the Colombian Amazonia.

Besides, he has been involved in numerous projects, from documentaries to fictions, as Director, Cinematographer and/or Cameraman:

Simmering up… (2015): short documentary (Director, Cinematographer and Cameraman)
– The Secret of the Heart (2014): Teaser for our full-lengh movie project (Cinematographer and Cameraman)
– Remember Tomorrow (2014): short film, en post-production
– Voyagez-Moi (2013): short documentary (Director, Cinematographer and Cameraman)
– The muse and the conscious (2013): short film (Assistant camera)